Helium Leak Detector Maintenance and Repair

Specializing in Varian/Agilent Equipment
Also supporting Inficon, Pfeiffer / Alcatel / Adixen

Our comprehensive PM Service Agreement program includes:

  • Thorough Cleaning of Valve Blocks

  • Clean and Inspect Vacuum System, replace/exchange ion source and filaments

  • Exchange Calibrated Leak, NIST traceable certification documentation provided

  • Tune and Calibrate Machine to helium

  • Leak Check the system

  • Change Oil in Rotary Vane Pumps, check operation of scroll (dry) pumps, diaphragm pumps, and turbo pumps

  • If required scroll-sets may be exchanged at time of service, or rebuild service provided.

Expert On-demand Service and Technical Support to Support Your Applications and Minimize Down-Time

Supported by over 30 years of field maintenance experience covering a wide variety of applications and industries, each team member is thoroughly trained, professional and reliable. When your equipment malfunctions, our Techs provide prompt and expert diagnostic services to get you up and running again. 

We guarantee all of our service. On-Site Service provided within Western US, Canada & Mexico.  

For a quote please call 800-910-4356 x12 or email service@mass4.com

For Tech Support please call 800-910-4356 x10

NIST Calibration & Re-certification

The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), U.S. Department of Commerce, recommends recalibration of standard leaks annually. Our partner lab uses NIST test 281901-12 to re-certify your standard leaks. As part of our annual service agreements, NIST calibrated leaks are exchanged with like scale leaks at the time of service to minimize your down-time. All leaks are labeled with serial number, leak rate, calibration date and provided with a written certificate of compliance.

Vacuum Pump Rebuild Service

Convenient, reliable and cost effective: our in-house shop will rebuild your vacuum pumps to OEM specs. Re-built pumps have a 6 month warranty. Speedy turnaround times. Call for Quote.

Specializing in Varian/Agilent and Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer vacuum pumps. 

  • Mechanical rotary-vane pumps (wet pumps)

  • Dry scroll-sets and Iwata pumps

  • Turbomolecular pumps

  • Diaphragm vacuum pumps, and turbo pumps as required