Helium Leak Detector Solutions

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NEW Leak Detectors, Agilent HLD Series, MR15, MD30, MD15, PD03

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Ready to upgrade? Let us help you determine the best model for your application. The Agilent HLD Series are the same dependable VS Helium Leak Detectors in a new cart, with enhanced menu navigation on an 8” LCD screen with new setup wizards, and a small work surface. Also available in Bench Mount configurations. See more info.

These nicely reconfigured leak detectors are compatible with the highly efficient Kashiyama roots-rotary pumps. NeoDry30E pumps have fast cleanup and low lifetime ownership costs. Check out the spec here.

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Refurbished Varian and Agilent Leak Detectors

Please call to see what is currently available, prices range between $9K — $18K

Varian 938-41, Varian 959, Varian 979, Agilent VS Series with mechanical vane or dry roughing pumps

Each unit comes with our 6-month warranty.


To order or request a quote, contact us at 800-910-4356 x12 or service@mass4.com

Leak Detector Lease, Agilent MD30

M4L-G8601B — $650/week

This Agilent VS MD-30 Leak Detector is a wide-range Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector. Utilizing a turbo molecular high vacuum pump and external TS620 dry scroll pump, this efficient leak detector is mounted on a convenient 4 wheeled cart for easy mobility. The simplified operator interface is adaptable to many applications with ease. For specs on this leak detector please refer to the Agildent brochure (pdf). This MD-30 is configured in 115 VAC mode. 

Transportation and setup not included. Please call for a complete quote.


Leak Detector Lease, Varian 959Turbo, TS320 Dry

M4L-L9590030TT120 — $550/week

The dependable, no frills Varian leak detector has a V-70 turbo for 9-scale sensitivity and a TS320 Dry Scroll Pump on a 4-wheel cart. A NIST Certified external leak is provided with this unit. It is configured in 110VAC mode. For specs on this leak detector. See 959 brochure (pdf).

Transportation and setup not included. Please call for a complete quote.

To order or request a quote, contact us at 800-910-4356 x12 or service@mass4.com


Touch Screen Protector, VS Series and Varian 979

M4-VS-SP — $12.50

Peel and protect your touch screen from sharp objects and excessive wear.


Touch Screen Finger Guard, VS Series and Varian 979

M4-TSP301 — $74.90

Easy installation, robust protection from tools and accidents. Flips up for access touch screen during test process.


Helium Spray Probe Assembly, For Helium Bottles

M4-0981K0167 — $198.75 

Use your helium sparingly with this handy Spray Probe. The small (0.0625") ID on a flexible copper pipe allows you to spray where you need it. Supplied with a long 1/4ID Tygon hose to attach to the regulator of your Helium Bottle to minimize bottle movement and maximize ease of access to your parts. Regulator not included.


Compression Nut, 1-1/8” Test Port

PV-NUT-83488001 — $95.00

This custom nut will secure your test port against the leak detector cover for greater stability during testing.


Oil Mist Eliminator

Alcatel/Pfeiffer — PF-P107348 — $459.00
Varian — AT-9499395 — $334.50 special price $152

These compact oil mist eliminators attach to the outlet flange on your rotary vane vacuum pump, supplied with filter element, a KF25 centering ring and clamp.  Durable nylon housing. Intended for pumps working at pressures exceeding 10 mbar where the discharge of fine oil mist into the surrounding environment is undesirable.


Silencers, CKD, M5 thd, over 20 dB

M5 thd, over 20db — PV-SL-M5 — $17.80
1/2 NPT, over 30db — PV-SLW-15A — $18.80

For pumps and leak detectors, quiets and filters, protecting your equipment. 1/2 NPT used in many older Varian model LD, Alcatel pumps, etc. M5 used in Agilent VS series Leak Detectors.


Mat Set, Protective, ESD High Temp Rubber, Blue, Agilent HLD Series LD

M4-HLD-MATSET — $175.00

Protect the work surface of your new HLD Series Leak Detector with this Mat Set. All 3 compartments of the work surface are covered.

— RoHS Compliant
— Excellent resistance to hot solders, soldering irons, and most solvents
— Surface Resistivity: Top Layer: 2 x 10^6 - 10^8 ohms, Bottom Layer: 8 x 10^6 - 10^8 ohms
— Made of Two Layer Rubber Material
— 0.08 Inches Thick


Flapper Boxes, custom and standard

WS-FRB(series) — Pricing varies

Expertly fabricated by our partner lab. See the info sheet (.doc).

To order or request a quote, contact us at 800-910-4356 x12 or service@mass4.com

Workshop, Operator Training

TS-OPWORKSHP — Please request a quote

The Mass 4 Service Basic Operator Training Workshop is an intensive, one day workshop that provides practical, hands-on knowledge along with basic vacuum fundamentals. A solid understanding of basic vacuum system function, along with customized knowledge pertaining to your in-house leak detector(s) and processes to encourage each operator to become more proficient at leak check processes.

Recommended for Leak Detector Operators, Production Leads, Quality Personnel and Lab Technicians who use the leak detection equipment, or supervise leak detection processes.

Please call or email for current pricing and to set up your workshop. See the workshop syllabus (pdf).