An annual preventative maintenance (PM) service of your leak detection unit saves you money:

  • Process reliability & efficient product throughput: reduced downtime
  • Optimize sensitivity and dependable leak measurements (NIST compliance)
  • Reduced Emergency Service Charges
  • Early warning for operational issues on systems and pumps

During a typical use, a high-vacuum system builds up dust, debris, and monolayers of ionized matter, all of which can interfere with proper operation and sensitivity. This buildup can cause leak rate instability, false readings, burned out ion source filaments, and adversely affect the quality of your leak testing process. Annual PM service removes these contaminants and restores optimal function of your leak detection equipment.

Our experienced Field Service Technicians can assist in determining if your leak detector is being used in the most efficient and optimal way for your application or process. A NIST certified leak standard ensures the accuracy of leak detector testing. Mass 4 Service offers annual leak standard NIST Certification as part of our leak exchange program.

And regular servicing of your leak sniffer unit ensures that problems are identified and solved before they become very expensive. Annual servicing of your leak detector is recommended by most manufacturers. Mass 4 Service offers several levels of annual PM service to suit your process needs.

Find out more about our standard PM services which includes servicing the entire vacuum system, cleaning contaminants and ionized buildup from the analyzing system, verifying the function of all pumps, exchanging the NIST certified leak standard, tuning and calibration, and operational checks to ensure stability.